Sep 20, 2014



Stayed: Namsan Guesthouse at Myeongdong. Rate: 6.5/10

Jongno 5-ga Station (subway line 1, exit 8)

We were so hungry and we just choose a random stall and order D' Bindaetteok, a pancake from ground beans plus some other fried food (KW10000)
* Not fancy of this fried food *

And D' Squid Burger from Lotteria.
* nothing special though *



Grab our favourite Onigiri from the convenient store before heading off to Nami Island.

To go Nami Island. There are two choices

1. Take bus with fixed return time. 9.30am-4pm
2. Take the subway + Taxi but with flexible returned time.
We only spend 3 hours in Nami Island and that was really good enough for us.
* I was really disappointed that we missed the spring season which was supposed to be in the mid April, we came too late i guess*

Lunch: Chuncheon Dak Galbi 
*So much better than Uncle Jang- Malaysian version *

Next: Ehwa Women University and Korean Raw Beef for dinner at Jongno-5-ga.
The queue was incredibly long for this Korean Raw Beef but they were good....
A set cost ~KW 12000.

 And we were so lucky to witness the yearly Lotus Lattern Festival after the dinner.


Off to Gyeongbokgung and just in time for the changing of guard ceremony. 

Lunch: Korean Samgetang ( Korean Ginseng Soup) at the ever famous Tosokchan. 
To go this place:
1. Exit the palace via Gyeongbokgung Yeongchumun Gate
2. Turn right and go towards Hyoja-dong direction. 

Then we strolled along the street toward Bukchon Hanon Village and
had our tea break at Cafe Bene. 

The night ended with shopping in Myeongdong~
For the best deal, definitely have go to Lotte Duty Free 

and remember to bring your passport along.
I have bought a whole bag of  Innisfree and Laneige mask that can last me for a year.  


We stayed at Jeju December Hotel. Rate 8/10

First thing of all: Black Pork noodle for lunch.
At first, we felt lucky for not bumping into long queue although we waited for 30 minutes.
Then we found out a lot of people has pre-booked their seat earlier
and the seat were reserved for them.
* we love this so much that we came here twice *

The rest of the day we went up to Halassan National Park but

regretted doing this cause we were freezing to death......


We hired a private taxi for this trip.
Not going to recommend this guy cause he wasn't that ideal due to poor english. ( Mr Moon) Kw 130 000 per day for 8 hours

1st Stop: Mysterious Road

 2nd Stop: 
Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff with hexagonal rocks

3rd stop: Lunch Korean BiBimBap * Nothing special and expensive*

4th Stop:Cheonjeyeon Waterfall

5th Stop: Spirited Garden and Halim Park

Not to miss D' E@rth God of Jeju

*Beautifully grown bonsai*

* Lovely Coil Fishes*

BE CAREFUL: * the bird poo poo on my sleeve ='( *

6th: Jeju Stone Park 
* Nothing special can skipped*

Dinner : Neulbom Korean Black Pork BBQ

D ever famous Hallabong oranges
* Nothing special *


1st Stop: 

Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock)

2nd Stop:  D Maze Park

3rd Stop: Jeju Seafood soup
* Nothing special and expensive *

4th Stop: Seongsan Sunrise Peak with the big crater

5th Stop: Random Orange Farm

6th Stop: Jeju Folk Village Museum

* Finally i get to see a real black pork which maybe my dinner later =( *

7th Stop: Sangumburi Crater
* Nothing special can skipped *

8th: The Trick Art Museum

Stayed at: Elysee Motel Rate 7/10
First Stop: Jagalchi Fish Market for the fresh fish sashimi 

Regretted ordering this sashimi, very chewy and doesn't taste good.
Still preferred fresh salmon sashimi.

Tried the live raw octopus too: 
Although the moving testicles looked gross,  they actually tasted better than the fish.

Spend the rest of the day at Haeunde Beach

Chilling with a cinnamon ice blended drink.

Strolled along the busy street of Busan and we found this wonder liquid nitrogen icecream.

Not to miss these local delicacy.
From Top Right: The banana milk, red bean bun, Onigiri and the Deli Manjoo.

Actually the Korean Kimchi Soup from the Busan Airport tasted way much better than any other stalls with this reasonable price.

This marked the end of the trip

Apr 7, 2014


I have to keep myself soooooooooo busy so that my brain won't have a single second to think of all the things that happened....  With a moment of peace, my tears will find the way to flow. Wondering is this the appropriate way to handle this...

Jan 12, 2014

Stepping out from my comfort zone

Working in HM for 1 year was really an eye opening. 
Although is a was a really really busy hospital, i learned a lot and most of all i met a lot of friends.
Although the seniors were harsh, they were kind enough to share their knowledge.
Best of all is the distance to my house was only 10 mins.
I still can't accept the fact that i have to drive 1 hr to work at HJ starting from tomorrow.

Am i ready to step out of my comfy zone?

Signing off

Jul 15, 2013

To stay or change?

I have been asking myself:
Am i doing the correct thing?
Is this what i want?
Why don't i feel happy at all?
Am i living my life to make other people happy?
Why am i not feeling a single tinge of content/ happiness from every single thing i'm doing now.
If this is really wrong, god please show me the correct pathway before its too late.
I need the courage to change but i'm afraid to face the unexpected consequence.
I wish i can turn back and re-choose... any of this button exist?

The conscience speak

Jan 7, 2013

Sad, down, unlucky and miserable day~

Dear diary,

I really don't know what had happened to me today. Bad things happened consecutively and.... most of all is the incident happened today. I'm really sorry for those who is hurt and the trouble that i have caused... Please let me get over this as soon as possible as i have a lot of things to deal with lately... Is it true that snake year is a bad omen for those who is born in the year of snake.. Somehow i think it's haunting me... God please deliver me from evil~

Another unfruitful day has passed by,